Mission of the League of Humane Voters

The purpose of the League of Humane Voters (LOHV) is to support the election of candidates for public office who have a humane orientation indicated by their willingness to support animal rights issues. We are an electioneering organization formed to bring about the election of candidates pledged to support animal rights legislation.

 How LOHV Accomplishes Its Goals

The League of Humane Voters establishes and maintains a database of names and addresses of voters who have an animal rights orientation in the districts in which the league operates.
The League identifies prospective candidates for local office Samara James , a who are deserving of our support. If the candidates indicate goal-congruency with our issues, we offer to support them by doing a mailing to the voters in their districts. We ask the candidates to make a public statement acknowledging our support of their candidacy and their support for humane legislation.
After the candidate is elected we lobby the office-holder on bills that have an animal rights impact.